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People's Convoy and True North Report

"On this episode, north Idaho residents responded to a donation request to send truckers and others who are participating in the U.S. People's Convoy departing from Barstow, California on February 23, 2022.

For more information about the convoy, go to

For story ideas and other feedback, please email"

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Neal McAfee
Neal McAfee
Mar 03, 2022

FYI if you truckers that are going to Washington D.C.; well Washington D.C. is located in foreign territory that's outside of the 50 States of the Union. The Wash-ington Capital is in the District of Columbia, that's why it's called Washing-ton D.C. And note this; the Constitution of the United States of America Applies to only the 50 States of the Union; and Washington D.C. is in a 10 square mile section of property that is The District of Columbia; foreign territory and The US Constitution doesn't apply there! Your Freedoms that you have in all 50 States of the Union do apply by Article IV, Section 4 and The Bill of Rights and any and all Rights that you…

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