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NIC Agenda Discussion Before Interviewing Brand

North Idaho College Trustees discuss their agenda before interviewing NIC President candidate Dr. Samuel 'Todd' Brand. Trustee Banducci points out that they are not following the amended agenda sent out. Trustee McKenzie says, "Changing the interview process half way through? Why don't we vote on who you have predetermined?"

A few minutes later Banducci says, "How can you do parts of the interview in public session? Anyone who goes first would have a tremendous disadvantage." States again that they are not following the amended agenda. Trustee Wold says, "We couldn't go into executive session because we didn't have four. You and Greg didn't respond." Banducci replies, "You did have four to go into executive session and Greg voted to go into executive session."

After more discussion, Trustee McKenzie states that Trustee Wold is trying to stifle questions.

Finally, Trustee Goedde restates the motion/item being discussed. By a vote of 3-2 the motion passes. (NIC Trustee Goedde is on zoom in this video.)

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