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Lynda - Public Comment 8/2/22 CDA City Council Meeting

Lynda states that the fist statue is a communism symbol more than solidarity. She then quotes CDA City Council member Amy Evans from a video from the CDA Arts commission meeting. Evans said she was energized by the statue.

Lynda mentions that Dan Enligsh wants us to respect the arts commission. She asks, "How about respecting the oppressed and the citizens of cda?" And she says shame on the arts commission for even bringing this piece of art to be voted on.

She mentioned in the arts commission video that commission member Jennifer Drake laughed when someone suggested that this piece would be controversial and said oh well.

At this point Mayor Hammond starts to interrupt. Hammond says that Lynda needs to criticize the issue not the people. (Even though Drake was allowed to criticize during her public comment.) Lynda says she is making a statement of fact. Lynda mentions that Drake’s Facebook page has devil imagery on it.

Hammond interrupts again. Lynda keeps talking. Hammond asks her to step down. He then asks the CDA police officers to remove her. I find it interesting that the camera is kept on Hammond. There is video I posted previously of the police going towards Lynda and the reaction of the crowd. At the end of the video Mayor Hammond says to the police - take her.


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