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Let's dissect Brad Little’s statement on ending the Emergency Orders after 2 years.

1) “The emergency declaration never violated or restricted any rights of Idahoans…"

You did violate the rights of Idahoans.

You thought government could decided who was essential and who was not. You thought government could decide which businesses were essential. EVERYONE IS ESSENTIAL!

You pressured un-elected health district members to do your dirty work regarding mandates.

2)“Without the emergency declaration we would not be able to provide historic tax relief…”

Historic tax relief is $75 a person? Hmmmm……NO.

3)“Only the Governor can lawfully end an emergency declaration.”

The Idaho Senate and House can end an emergency declaration. It’s in idaho statue. They can overrule the governor. The Idaho Senate has no spine, so that didn’t happen.

Look at the timing. It’s less than 90 days to the May 17th Republican Primary.

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