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Kuna High School Policy Undermines Parental Rights

This is a policy from Kuna High School, just south of Boise.

Here is step three of the policy:

"If parents aren’t involved (student has not told them and the student is not in danger of self harm), counselor lets teacher(s) know the student would like to be called preferred names and pronouns, but must revert back to legal name and pronouns when communicating with parents; legal documents and SIS information will also remain in name/gender appearing on the student's birth certificate."

This undermines parental rights. This shows a lack of dialogue between the school and the parents. The policy is asking staff to not be truthful with parents.

Additionally, the part of the policy regarding bathrooms needs to be updated to reflect recent legislation that passed in Idaho.

Please consider joining me in emailing this high school to politely request that they change their policy.

Superintendent Wendy Johnson:

Principal of Kuna HS - David Beymer:

Vice Principal - Anna Lovelady:

Board of Trustees Kuna

Joy Thomas:

J.D. Grant:

Kyrsti Bruce:

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