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Kootenai Health Jab Deadline December 6th.

According to a local individual, 2000 Kootenai Health employees will be fired on December 6th if they don't comply with getting the jab.

Take a look at the pictures below:

1) Kootenai Health is following a Medicaid/Medicare rule to get money. A rule is not law.

2) Kootenai Health is making volunteers and vendors comply with something that is not law too.

3) If you choose to get the jab it is free. If you choose to not get the jab, you are required to get regular testing at your own cost. Why not make both free?

4) Kootenai Health claims that there are no fetal cell ingredients in two of the three jabs available. This has been found to not be true. Then asking if an employee has had a vaccine as an adult just seems to be them asking a question they already know the answer to.

5) A committee will determine if your exemption is grated by Kootenai Health. Doesn't this open up KH to a religous discrimination lawsuit?

Join me in politely emailing the hospital board.

We need to let them know that we are not ok with religious discrimination.

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