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Isn't this Critical Race Theory?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

"Cultural Humility" " our awareness about power, privilege, and oppression..." "...disrupt white supremacy cultural norms..." "...assess and reflect on our progress towards becoming an anti-racist and multicultural organization."

Those quotes are from an email received by teachers in the Coeur d'Alene School District after attending a teacher training. Below is the text of the email.

"Our mission is to cultivate educators worthy of each and every learner

President's Message

In 2020, PEBC participated in the first Denver Talent and Equity Consortium (TEC), a year-long Promise54 cohort experience. TEC provided us access to tools to assess, strengthen, and monitor our organizational systems with a deep focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). One result of our participation in the TEC was the creation of an organizational DEI Belief Statement that we are proud to share and honored to live out.

Our commitment to DEI drives our collective efforts to build more equitable communities and systems by elevating awareness, improving policies, increasing pedagogical knowledge, and developing leadership capacity within PEBC, partner schools, and districts.

To this end, we:

• cultivate our cultural humility

• continually build our awareness about power, privilege, and oppression through researching, listening, and questioning

• embed DEI in our strategic planning process

• disrupt white supremacy cultural norms individually, interpersonally, and institutionally

• regularly assess and reflect on our progress towards becoming an anti-racist and multicultural organization

We invite you to read more about our organization's commitment to DEI at

Sue Sava President & CEO

Evening to Elevate Educators

The third annual PEBC Evening to Elevate Educators is just around the corner!

During the event, you will learn how PEBC's work translates in classrooms. You will also enjoy drinks, appetizers, and hear a special performance by musicians from Youth on Record.

Admission to the event is free. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, all funds raised at the event will be dedicated to sustaining PEBC's mission to cultivate educators worthy of each and every learner.

Register for the event Become a sponsor

New! Investigating Thinking Strategies PLUS!

Join us for a deep dive into the thinking strategies, the tools that empower learners to understand at high levels. We will explore the what, why, and how of these incredible research-based tools that promote student agency, equity, and understanding.

In this highly interactive institute, participants will have opportunities to engage in professional study, explore their own meta-cognitive strategies, and see how to integrate the thinking strategies into classrooms.

• Register for ITS PLUS!

Podcast: Stepping into Real Classroom & School Leadership

School leadership takes on many forms from those who serve in formal leadership roles to those who stand before students each and every day. In order to step boldly into true service and leadership, we must first know ourselves, our values, our why, and the habits and ways of thinking that hold us back. Maggie Riley, a certified Integrative Holistic Wellness Coach and Assistant Principal, shares her insights with Michelle Morris Jones on the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast.

Listen to the podcast

PEBC Rural Residency

Our director of residency recruitment is hitting the road in October to conduct in-person information sessions in Edwards, Cortez, Durango, and Monte Vista. Registration for these free events is now open! Join us to learn about how to become a licensed teacher in the State of Colorado.

Register for an information session

Support Our Work

It’s people like you who enable us to work throughout Colorado and across the nation to prepare outstanding new teachers, foster continuous growth for practicing educators, and shape policies that prioritize student success.

Your support at any level makes a difference!Copyright © 2021 PEBC, All rights reserved."

Join me in expressing that this kind of teacher training at taxpay expense is not ok. Please be passionate yet polite.



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