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Idaho Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion

Interesting details on the Idaho Supreme Court ruling on Abortion in Idaho. It was a 3-2 decision.

The three upholding the law to ban abortion in Idaho are: Justice Gregory Moeller, Justice Robyn Brody, and Chief Justice Richard Bevan.

The two against the law to ban abortion in Idaho are: Justice Colleen Zahn, and Justice John Stegner.

Interesting quote from Stegner in his dissent - "I would go further and hold that Idaho women have a fundamental right to obtain an abortion because pregnancy—and whether that pregnancy may be terminated—has a profound effect on pregnant women’s inalienable right to liberty, as well as their rights to life and safety."

Murder of an unborn child is infringing on the child's right to life, liberty, and safety.

Here is a link to the whole opinion:

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