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Discussion on Legal Counsel for the North Idaho College Board of Trustees at their 12/5/22 Meeting

This is an approximately 16 minute video segment of the discussion on Legal Counsel for the North Idaho College Board of Trustees during their 12/5/22 meeting.

Discussion on accepting the resignation of the former legal counsel Marc Lyons. Trustee McKenzie expressed dismay that Lyons refused to offer client attorney privilege to him or Banducci but offered it to the three appointed trustees.

NIC President Swayne says that the governor office called him and said that if a resolution is not part of the meeting packet then Idaho open meeting law was violated. McKenzie mentions that the appointed board members did the same thing and no one mentioned the law was being violated then.

Swayne goes on to say that legal counsel needs an RFP. Banducci mentions that Lyons legal services didn't have an RFP.

Trustee McKenzie points out that the law states that an RFP is not required for insurance or legal counsel.

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