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Coeur d'Alene City Council Emergency Meeting - Dan English and Individual Mandate

CDA City Council Dan English - "I don't believe we should pass law that we won't enforce." "This is the biggest community interest topic with intense emotions." "The first line of defense is the education." "No one is every going to get arrested. The bottom line is a civil infraction." "We are not going to go overboard draconian."

CDA Police Chief Lee White - "The is a whole group of society that will comply just by us passing this mandate." "Obviously, there are some people who won't as well." "If this passes you can expect some citations to be written." "We are going to be the bad guys in this, and we are fine with that."

CDA city Council Dan Gookin - "I wish people would focus their anger on the policy makers instead of those delivery the bad news."

CDA City Attorney Mike Gridley - "I want to clarify that this is an individual mask mandate, so your business will not be responsible for a patron or anyone else who came in not wearing a mask. There might be other liability for you not taking precautions to protect your employees. You can certainly have your own rules for your own business."

"This resolution would not cause business owners to be cited for people not wearing masks.


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