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Charges in the incident during the NIC meeting last week.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Misdemeanor Battery charges have been filed against NIC Biology Instructor Terry (Teresa) Loar.

NIC has not stated what, if any, administrative actions have been taken against Terry Loar.

North Idaho College PT Biology Instructor accused of Battery against a member of the community at the Board of Trustees meeting that was held Wednesday, September 22nd.

According to the NIC Security Officers report, that the victim forwarded to us, NIC part time Instructor Terry (Teresa) Loar is accused of slamming her body into the victim, who was standing with her back against the wall and holding a sign.

The report states the victim became unsteady and Terry Loar knocked the sign out of the victims hands and proceeded outside followed by the victim.

Per the report, once outside, Terry Loar stated because of people like you I can't force my students to wear a mask in the classroom.

Coeur d'Alene Police took over the investigation from that point and have not returned an email requesting information.

The victim has told us she is pressing charges and NIC Security classified the incident it as a Battery.

In an effort to get both sides, we have been inquiring about this to NIC Chief Communications and Government Relations Officer - Community and Government Relations Laura Rumpler since Saturday. NIC hasn't acknowledged the incident occurred. CDA Police also have not returned an email asking about the incident.

Individuals are innocent until proven guilty. All information from NIC's report sent to us by the victim. (From North Idaho News on Facebook.)



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